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   Pacific Film & New Media Academy
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Profile Last Updated: 09/04/2009  

Pacific Film & New Media Academy
751 Discovery Street
Victoria, BC Canada
V8T 1H1

[P] +1 250.381.3032
[F] +1 250.388.7349
[E] sue@vicfilm.com

Susan Baker
Assistant Director

None Specified

Pacific Film & New Media Academy’s goal is to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge through hands-on training facilitated by experienced instructors. Pacific Film & New Media Academy strives to maintain professional connections in the Film, Acting and Animation sectors in order to provide students with a successful start to a career in the growing Media Art industry.

We provide up to date latest technology in conjunction with up to date curriculum required to ensure graduates meet the ever-changing demands, required to obtain a permanent full time position in their designated field.
Each student, maximum of 18; will be assigned one computer station w/ desk and room enough to comfortably see the white board at the front of the class within sight of the instructor, specifically for over head projector lessons.

None Specified

Game Development, Motion Picture Studio, Multimedia / Interactive Development, New Media, Performance Animation / Motion Capture Studios, Schools / Educational Institutions, Visual Effects Production, Voice Acting / Voice Talent, Web Entertainment Portal, Web Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Short Films