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   Inter-Dec College
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Profile Last Updated: 12/30/2005  

Inter-Dec College
2000 West Ste. Catherine St.
Montreal, Quebec Canada
H3H 2T2

[P] +1 800.363.3541
[F] +1 514.939.3046
[E] interdecinfo@clasalle.com

Chady Bouez
Marketing Coordinator
[P] +1 514.939.4444
[E] cbouez@clasalle.com

None Specified

Come discover a fabulous world of Animation, and Special effects. Let your imagination flow, see your ideas come to life. Live the experience of creating your own adventures with our new Video Games program. Inter-Dec College is the place to be.

The majority of our programs last one year and consist solely of core courses. They enable you to pick up a new trade quickly.

Our programs:
Digital & Commercial Photography
Print Media & Advertising
Video Editing
2D/3D Animation
Video Games

Housing Service
Financial Aid
Placement Service
Computer/Lab Access

None Specified

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3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation

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