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   Max The Mutt Animation School
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Max The Mutt Animation School
952 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M6J 1G8

[P] +1 416.703.6877
[F] +1 416.703.3930
[E] info@maxthemutt.com

Maxine Schacker


Max the Mutt Animation School, is a remarkable success story. MAXINE SCHACKER, Founder and Director, and TINA SEEMANN, Director of Animation, have built Max the Mutt Animation School into a diploma granting school with over 130 students and over 20 instructors who are top professionals in their fields. Max the Mutt offers a comprehensive, in-depth curriculum including both classical and computer animation, teaching all skills required for careers in animation -- and a reputation for excellence!

Max the Mutt Animation School offers a three-year diploma program in Classical Animation Basics, including in-depth drawing curriculum, and professional-level instruction in all aspects of animation. The foundation year at Max the Mutt provides students with the vital training in classical animation principles, with successful students earning a Certificate in Visual Arts Literacy. In addition, Max the Mutt offers and exciting Fourth Year Post-Diploma Program in Advanced Animation. Students will experience a simulated professional, working team, environment with the instructor acting as their director and the industry as the audience. Max the Mutt students will learn to be successful industry-quality animators.

In addition to TVs, VCRs, light tables, and line testing equipment, we use animal and human skeletons, skulls and unarticulated bones. We use casts of feet , hands and features. We offer extensive training in life drawing including artistic anatomy. We offer free practice sessions with the life model. For animal drawing, in addition to skeletal studies and video reference, we hire animals to pose for classes. Our downtown Toronto location allows classes to easily make field trips to the Anatomy Museum at the University of Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Our video projector and DVD system is used for our History of Animation course; and Robert Beverly Hale's famous taped anatomy lectures, which, in addition to instruction, are part of our curriculum.

The best things about Max the Mutt Animation School, however, are the people and the quality of instruction.

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