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   Cegep du Vieux Montreal
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Profile Last Updated: 02/24/2003  

Cegep du Vieux Montreal
255, rue Ontario Est
Montreal, Quebec Canada
H2X 1X6

[P] +1 514.982.3437
[F] +1 514.982.3448
[E] gestionnairew3@cvm.qc.ca

Pierre Grenier
Program Coordinator
[P] +1 514.982.3437 x2059
[F] +1 514.982.3458
[E] pgrenier@cvm.qc.ca


Classrooms: - 50 animation tables with discs - 25 regular drafting tables - life drawing classes - fully equipped auditoriums. Equipment: Line testing facilities: - 7 Pentium III 600mHZ computers with CTP ink&paint software for line-testing 3D and 2D CG lab: - Hardware: 26 dual processor Pentium III 600mHZ, 18G hard drive, in-classroom 3X36G disc array, automatic feeder-Fujitsu 11X17 scanner; - Software: USAnimation, 3D StudioMax, Cool Edit. Editing suite: "Edit" and "Combustion" from Discreet Logic. The CEGEP du Vieux Montreal has over 30 years of experience offering media-related programs, and has all the editing and AV facilities needed to offer the best learning conditions to an animation student.

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