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   Max the Mutt Animation Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 02/24/2012  

Max the Mutt Animation Inc.
952 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M6J 1G8

[P] +1 416.703.6877
[F] +1 416.703.3930
[E] info@maxthemutt.com

Maxine Schacker
[E] mschacker@maxthemutt.com


Max the Mutt Animation School, a registered and approved career college, is recognized and respected by the animation, illustration, and gaming industries for the excellence of its programs and its graduates, who are now working for such companies as Electronic Arts and Sony Imageworks.Why are our graduates so attractive to top companies? Because we stress traditional drawing and design skills to a higher level than any other programs we're aware of in Canada. Max the Mutt offers a 4-year diploma program in Classical and Computer Animation & Production, a 3 year diploma program in Illustration for Sequential Arts: Comic Books and graphic Novels, the only program of its kind in Canada and a 4 year diploma program in Concept Art for Animation and Gaming!

Animation Production, Schools / Educational Institutions

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects, Clay, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Short Films
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