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Profile Last Updated: 12/17/2009  

D102-1, 328 Airport Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
suzhou, jiangso China

[P] +86 512.
[F] +86 512.
[E] kieron@sandmanimation.com.cn


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Sandman Animation Studio is one of the most exciting animation companies in Asia. In it’s first year alone
the studio won two animation awards and completed it’s very own cartoon series ‘My Pet”. ‘My Pet’ won
the best pilot award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and this drove a lot of attention to the
company for it’s excellence and high quality production. As a result Sandman Animation was asked to work
with some of the top animation colleges and schools to set up The Sandman Animation Classes. These classes
are now held in very high regard and cover every thing from traditional 2d animation, flash animation and
paint and compositing classes. As a result of a very high turn over of excellence from the teaching, Sandman
Animation was awarded a brass plaque for it’s co-operations and continual high standards. This co–operation
continues today.

Sandman Animation Studio is not only a service studio, meeting the very high animation and technical
standards of our clients, but also a very impressive production studio that are constantly in development of
cutting edge, family based and educational cartoon shows. Our goal, is to become one of China’s leading
cartoon animation producers and a leading animation teaching forces.

In 2008 Sandman Animation set up Sandman DIP Studio to cope with the high demands of todays animation market,and it has become a very valuable assest to an already very exciting studio. Our quality and experienced team has produced some of the best animation on TV today and for some of the best animation companies in the world.

Today Sandman Animation is a 900 square metre studio with more than professional 120 artists. The luxury studio is
located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, on the shore of the beautiful Jin Li Lake and provides a beautiful and relaxing
environment for its staff. The Suzhou Industrial Park is the fastest growing Technical Investment Park in Asia,
and holds the Asian Animation Convention every year.

Today’s animation and technical standards are very demanding on studios and We pride ourselves on a very
strong animation and technical team to meet those standards. Our constant updated equipment and knowledge makes us one of the best animation studio facilitoes in China.

Welcome to Sandman Animation Studio.

2d animation studio
3d animation studio

BAFTA winning ' A childs christmas' feature film.
HORRID HENRY BAFTA nominated best animation UK
LITTLE CHINA winner of the Crystal Star for animation
MY PET winner at Shanghai animation festival
ODDBOD winner of shanghai animation festival

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