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26 high street
wd3 1ER
London, United Kingdom

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[E] rob.hemmings@3dhem.com

Rob Hemmings


The animation school focuses your attention on the finer details of realistic motion in creatures of any kind including human. You will be studying live action in detail, looking at creature poses and behaviour.

The techniques learnt will be appropriate and indeed vital to both character and creature and all 3D animation genres.

A key aspect of the Animation course is learning how to turn these observations into fluid and realistic movement.

The course is aimed at those who want to hone and develop their skills but can also be taught to anyone wishing to learn from scratch.

Animation Production, Animation Products / Supplies, Educational Products, Performance Animation / Motion Capture Studios, Post-Production Services, Pre-Production Services, Recruitment Services, Schools / Educational Institutions, Visual Effects Production, Web Animation Production

3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects, Flash / Internet Animation, Live Action, Motion Capture

online animation school, Animated Characters, Educational / Industrial Films, Feature Films, Games
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