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   Arthur Cox
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Arthur Cox
16 Whitehouse St.
Bristol, United Kingdom

[P] +44 0117.
[F] +44 0117.
[E] info@worldofarthurcox.com

Katie Daniels
[E] katie@worldofarthurcox.com

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Arthur Cox are based in Bristol, UK. We specialise in 2d animation using a mixture of techniques incorporating live action elements with drawings and textures to create a look similar to moving screenprints.
We have experience in short films, series, title sequences and commercials.
We completed two short films for Channel 4 and S4C last year, one of which 'Heavy Pockets' has been nominated for this years BAFTAS and are in development on a children's series.
We're always up for a cup of tea and a chat about other stuff - eg. design, storyboarding, character development.

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Heavy Pockets - short film for S4C
Perfect - short film for Channel 4
Coca Cola moving image billboards, Piccadilly Circus, London, UK
Wilde Stories - Christmas special for Channel 4, UK
Oscillo - 15" commercial for Boiron Laboratories, France
Dasani - 50" commercial and press for Dasani, France
Plain Pleasures - short film directed by Sarah Cox for Channel 4 - won the Silver Dove Prize in 2002 in Leipzig

Animation Production

2D Computer Animation