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   Edebe Audiovisual
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Profile Last Updated: 03/17/2014  

Edebe Audiovisual
Paseo San Juan Bosco 62
Barcelona, Barcelona Spain

[P] +34
[F] None Specified
[E] audiovisual@edebe.net

Ivan Agenjo
Audiovisual Manager
[F] +34


In 2004, Grupo Edebé started a diversification policy to promote new initiatives such as Edebé Audiovisual. The objectives of Edebé Audiovisual are aimed to the development and worldwide distribution of audiovisual projects and the acquisition of finished projects for its commercialization.

Edebé is continuously developing new projects, looking for strong concepts to create brands with audiovisual support and commercialization potential. They will be for cinema or TV, animation or fiction, based on book properties or new ideas. To strengthen the distribution department, Edebé looks also for productions already finished providing they are strong enough to be commercialized as a brand.

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Animation Production, Book Publishers, Distribution / Syndication, Educational Products, Licensing / Merchandising

2D Computer Animation

Educational / Industrial Films, Feature Films, Television Series