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   Des-Animados Film
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Des-Animados Film
Plaza del Majuelo, local 6, Gines
Seville, Seville Spain

[P] +34 954.71.64.68
[F] +34 954.71.64.68
[E] info@animadosfilm.com

Roberto Chamorro
Art Director

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Des-Animados Film is a brand-new 2D company established in Seville, South of Spain. Our large and modern studio is located in a privileged area of the city where other audio-visual production companies are also based.

Our highly qualified staff has more than ten years experience working for both American and European companies. We have previously cooperated in over thirty projects producing T.V serials, commercials, videos games and films.

Since January 2002 we have been committed to offering quality.
These are our main goals:

-To bring new ideas to the art of animation.
-To recruit the most professional artists in order to obtain the best results.
-To coordinate and direct the different projects so we can the deliver the main
project to the client always in time.

At the moment Des-Animados Film employs more than fifty artists:

2 Scriptwriters
3 Character Designers
4 Story Board Artists
6 Layout Men
10 Animators
4 Assistants
6 In-betweeners
1 Background Artist
1 3D Background Artist
1 Production Assistant
1 Artistic Coordinator

We also associated with other production companies that give us technical support and collaborate in the color creation and post-production.

If you would like more information about our services, project or a free quotation you can contact us at the address given above.

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Universal Pictures (USA): The Land before the Time VI
Warner Bros. (USA): Looney Toons-Commertials
DIC Entertainment (USA): Sony Underground
Nervana (Canada): Babar, Red Wall, etc

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Animation Products / Supplies, Motion Picture Studio

2D / Traditional, 3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Commercials, Feature Films, Short Films, Television Series