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   Trigger Vision Studios
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Profile Last Updated: 02/03/2005  

Trigger Vision Studios
10 Corriewood Downs
Wilgerboom Drive Boskruin
P.O.Box 1920 Randpark Ridge 2156
Johannesbrug, Gauteng South Africa

[P] +27
[F] +
[E] sales@triggervision.co.za

Shaun Stilwell
Head designer and business owner
[E] shaun@triggervision.co.za


In today's mercurial business world, it is imperative to
make a professional impact. In this environment companies
have one chance to make that impact.

Trigger Vision Studios provides high quality and technologically
advanced services that we believe will maintain and enhance your
company image and status in your specific market arena. Your target
audience will immediatly realize that your company uses high-end media in
providing services of an international standard yet based in South Africa
and proud of it's roots

Trigger Vision Studios objective is to give clients a sustainable competitive advantage through innovative powerful communications and visual presentation media.

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Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Graphic Design, Hardware Vendors, Industry Websites, Multimedia / Interactive Development, New Media, Visual Effects Production, Web Animation Production, Web Site Development

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Backup Devices, Cameras, Desktop Computers / Servers / Workstations, Graphics Cards, Input Devices / Mice / Pointing Devices / Drawing Tablets, Laptops / Portables / Handheld / Mobile Computing Devices, Networking Equipment, Printers and Plotters, Scanners / Digitizers, Storage Devices, Terminals, Monitors and Displays, Video Editing Equipment, Video Effects Equipment