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   Anamazing Workshop
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Anamazing Workshop
03 Hyde Court 1st St. Killarney
Box 41374 Craighall 2024
Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

[P] +27
[F] +27
[E] isabelle@an-amazing.com

Isabelle Rorke


Anamazing Workshop is a producer driven animation company based in Johannesburg South Africa. The company is in development of a few Africa brand proterties and are Associate producers on the Magic Cellar a Morula Picture/SABC African Folk Tale series, being animated in India.

Production is currently outsourced.

Coca Cola
South African Broadcasting Corporation
E.TV - Bible series for TV
Sesame Street
Moonkeys - French TV series
Superheroes - S.A TV Series
Herdbouyz Ericcson McCann
Rickett Benckiser Target Bug Spray

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Television Series