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   Dalinf Studio
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Profile Last Updated: 03/31/2008  

Dalinf Studio
37th Resita Sect 4
56th Jean Louis Calderon Sect 2
Bucharest, Romania

[P] +40
[F] +40
[E] dalinf-group@usa.com, office@dalinf.ro

Daniela Moldoveanu
PR Executive Officer
[E] office@dalinf.ro

None Specified

Dalinf Studio is a full creative production company specializing in complex and in-depth 3D animation and digital visual effects both for feature and commercial markets.

DGI, Boxx and Apple Workstations
24 Core 2 Quad Intel render farm
over 16 TB storage capacity
ARTvps photorealistic rendering
PipelineFX Qube, Tiger-Technology, G-Technology , Luxology Modo, Pixologic ZBrusx
HD/SD shooting & editing
35mm Arriflex
2K-4K post-production management
Web Hosting & Servers

Mainframe USA
3-D Revolution Production UK
Ilion Studios
GREY Worldwide
Young & Rubicam
Integral Group Media
National TV
Realitatea TV
Senso TV

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Animation Products / Supplies, Business Agencies, Hardware Vendors

2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Animated Objects

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Short Films