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Profile Last Updated: 03/15/2007  

3-4 Izumi-ku
Building C
Sendai, Miyagi Japan

[P] +86
[F] +86
[E] mevans@grapecity.com

Michael Evans
Regional Executive Producer

None Specified

WINEstudios is a Pan-Asian mega-studio specializing in 3D/CGI and motion capture. Located in the heart of Japan we have over 100,000 square feet of highly advanced state-of-the-art studio facilities and have just finished Phase II construction of our newest US$25 million Studio C.

WINEstudios also has offices and animation facilities in Shanghai, China and will soon be opening our newest addition to our network of East Asian studios.

Both facilities are staffed with the most experienced multilingual staff fluent in over 10 lanaguages.

WINEstudios is part of the GrapeCity Inc. group (www.grapecity.com), a major software development company having over 2,000 employees worldwide at our wholly owned facilities in Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Australia and the United States.

Studios A-B-C (100K square ft.)
Avid/Nitris HD v.7.5
Avid DS / HD 6.02
Avid MC Adrenaline
DigiDesign Protools HD2
Protools v.7.5
D-Control 16 Fader
MA Booth 1 (Fully equipped)
MA Booth 2 (Fully equipped)
Vicon 8i Datastation
Vicon Workstation
Vicon Realtime IQ Engine
Vicon Cam - 35 sets
Vicon IQ Studio v.2.0
Vicon Bodybuilder
Filmbox Motioncapture 3.5
Motion Capture Studio X 2
Capture Area A: 12m X 12m X 6m (H)
Capture Area B: 5m X 5m X 3m (H)
Virtual Studio
Softimage XSI 3.5
Alias Wavefront MAYA 7.0
3D Studio Max 8
Kaydara Filmbox 3.5
Boujou 3.5
World Builder
World Construction Set
Bryce 3D
Chromakey Studio
State-of-the-Art Secure Machine Room

None Specified

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Television Series