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   Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
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Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Via S.Sebastiano Po 7D
Turin, To Italy

[P] +0039
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[E] info@lastregoetesta.com

Francesco Testa
[E] f.testa@lastregoetesta.com

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Lastrego & Testa Multimedia is an independent studio based in Turin Italy, providing educational and entertaining material for children, families and teachers; animation series, books, and activity labs to stimulate creativity and underline strong values such as friendship, family and teamwork.
We work as artists and artisans do, always exploring new ways to tell a tale. We all share an optimistic point of view and believe kids are the most demanding yet rewarding audience and deserve the highest quality possible.
We value a friendy working environment, where everybody feels welcomed and takes part in the creative process, voicing his or her ideas and listening to those of others. We work as a team and encourage individual professional growth and recognition for achievement.
Our aim is to provide kids and adults alike educational and entertaining contents delivered through tv-series, books, and activity labs to help ignite their creativity and support strong values such as friendship, family and teamwork.

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