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   Anima Vitae
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Anima Vitae
Vanha Talvitie 11 A
Helsinki, Finland

[P] +358
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[E] petteri.pasanen@anima.fi

Petteri Pasanen
Producer, CEO
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Anima Vitae Ltd. is a 3D animation studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio was founded in 2000. With a staff of 30 employees, we are the largest animation studio in Finland. Anima has been a subcontractor for TV commercials and series from the beginning. Since 2004 we have begun several productions of our own (the biggest budgeted feature ever in Finland "Niko & Way to the Stars among others) and we also operate as a delegate studio.

Maya, Nuke, Renderman and inhouse software

THE AUTOCRATS serial 15min 3D, 221 episodes TV1
PASILA serial 12x15min, TV2
AVARUUSMUSIKAALI tv-movie 45 min 3D 2002
KUNINGASMUSIKAALI tv-movie 45 min 3D 2003
OPERATION ESC tv-movie 22 min 3D 2003
URHEILUMUSIKAALI tv-movie 45 min 3D 2004
AGENTTIMUSIKAALI tv-movie 45 min 3D 2005

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Commercials, Feature Films