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   Daunus Productions
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Daunus Productions
Unit 310 186 Stephen Dr.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

[P] +1 416.231.9867
[F] None Specified
[E] dado@daunus.com

Dalibor Dejanovic
Vice President

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Daunus Productions is an artist owned, artist controlled film animation and illustration company. Founded by three animators/illustrators, each with a different area of specialization in the industry, Daunus Productions was prepared from its conception to handle every aspect of 2D animation from pre to post production.

Daunus believes that aside from the script, the most important aspect of any film or commercial production, be it traditional 2D animation, live action or 3D CGI, is pre-production visual development and solid storyboarding. If these areas are neglected then no amount of effort can improve a film unless one scraps everything and starts over again. Therefore pre-production has become the area of specialization for Daunus, which is applicable to any medium in the film and animation industry that may be required. Daunus Production

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