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   AurenyA Entertainment Group
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Profile Last Updated: 11/25/2003  

AurenyA Entertainment Group
Suite 930, 630-8th St SW
Calgary, Alberta Canada
T2P 3K7

[P] +1 403.215.1085
[F] None Specified
[E] info@aurenya.com

Rodger Moody
Director, Client Services
[E] rmoody@aurenya.com

None Specified

AurenyA Entertainment Group is a team of highly-skilled and talented artists, animators and technical directors that produces world-class 3D-animation used in production and co-production of TV and Feature Films. Additionally, many of our clients include Advertising and Communications firms who subcontract our services division to enhance marketing and branding campaigns, demonstrate locations or products with realistic simulations or create creatures used as mascots or fictional icons.

AurenyA continues to develop proprietary technology which gives the studio significant advantage over other studios or freelance artists from a productivity point of view. Using Maya from Alias|wavefront, our plug-ins for the software enable our animators to rig and animate models much more efficiently than normal. Sending completed scenes to our render farm is managed centrally and performed automatically, saving even more time between outputs.

Please visit our website at www.aurenya.com or contact info@aurenya.com to request samples of our work or find out how AurenyA can deliver your 3-D animation requirements.

Maya 4.0.2 - Alias|wavefront
Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 - Apple Computer Inc.
After Effects 5.5 - Adobe Systems Inc.
Gesture - Proprietary character rigging software suite
Reaper - Proprietary render farm management software

Elfkins First Christmas - TV series pilot X-Mas 2002 (www.elfkins.com)
2001 Calgary Ad Rodeo Anvil Awards - trailer
Calgary A-Channel - Station ID
Corus Entertainment (Peak 107.3, Country 105) - Logo animations
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Logo animation

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects

Commercials, Feature Films, Television Series