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Profile Last Updated: 11/24/2003  

364 Richmond Street W
5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5V 1X6

[P] +1 416.351.0889
[F] +1 416.351.9884
[E] info@bitcasters.com

Nathon Gunn
[E] nathon@bitcasters.com

None Specified

Bitcasters was founded by gamers, and we employ gamers. Our first hobbies as kids were writing computer games and making art. Bitcasters

Toronto & New York Offices
3 Full Broadcast Edit Systems (SDI)
LiveChat Technology

75,000 members, 2 BDAs, 2 EMMA noms for "The Click Club" at Family.ca (http://www.family.ca/clickclub)
Invented LiveChat Technology
3 MuchMusic Video Awards for "In Repair" Sony Music Canada's Our Lady Peace video.
Helped found Miramax New Media & City Interactive.
World's first major label secure music format for Internet - Bluematter for Universal Music Group.
BMG USA's first enhanced CD for TrebleCharger
NYC Music Festival Live Internet Broadcast (500 bands, 50 clubs)
First backstage Grammys webcast in 1994.

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Game Development

2D Computer Animation

Multimedia / New Media