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   Head Gear Animation
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Profile Last Updated: 02/15/2005  

Head Gear Animation
35 McCaul St.
Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5T 1V7

[P] +1 416.408.2020
[F] +1 416.408.2011
[E] info@headgearanimation.com

Ruth Rankin
Marketing Coordinator
[E] ruth@headgearanimation.com

None Specified

Head Gear was founded in 1997 by Steve Angel and Julian Grey who are known for their distinctive styles and unique approaches to animation.They push the boundaries of stop motion, claymation, cel and mixed media to offer fresh and original techniques to their varied clients.

Stop Motion / Claymation / Mixed Media animation shooting facilities
After Effects post production

Ikea "Heads" Director: Steve Angel
Sundance Channel Network Package Director: Julian Grey
Dove Moisturizing Body Wash Director: Steve Angel
Sesame Street original films Various directors

Animation Production

None Specified

Broadcast Design/Commercials