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   Comet Entertainment, Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 02/04/2005  

Comet Entertainment, Inc.
1235 Bay St.
10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5R 3K4

[P] +1 416.421.4229
[F] +1 416.425.5931
[E] info@cometentertainment.com

Raquel Ben
[E] raquelb@cometentertainment.com

None Specified

Comet Entertainment Inc. creates, designs, builds and delivers long and short form animation content for broadcasters, online media, and game titles for next generation
consoles and PC's.

We develop close relationships with networks to write and produce proprietary programming. Our strength lies in our cohesive team
that has built a high reputation as leading content developers and producers emphasizing storytelling, innovative content, and expressive animation.

Comet Entertainment Inc. is the owner of animation services company Vitamin Cartoons Inc.

Tinguaro, The Sun Lizards
Toby, The Prince of Whales
Limo Guy
Thunder Couriers

Animation Production

2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Live Action

Feature Films, Short Films, Television Series