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   Helix Digital Inc.
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Profile Last Updated: 11/21/2003  

Helix Digital Inc.
P.O. Box 39, Station A
222 George Street
Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada
B1P 6Y9

[P] +1 902.539.6999
[F] +1 902.539.2181
[E] info@helixstudio.com

Richard Lorway
VP, C.O.O.
[E] rlorway@helixstudio.com

None Specified

Helix Digital Inc. provides digital production services to producers of classical animation worldwide. Our mission is to deliver premium-quality solutions at globally-competitive prices.

Helix Digital

o Toonz and Animo software on Windows NT workstations.
o Capacity to handle multiple projects
o HP Netserver with RAID 5 Storage
o Fast Ethernet LAN with Firewall Security
o Macintosh G3s and G4s for image manipulation
o Multiple T1 Internet Access
o Weekly backup to ensure data integrity

King, Seasons 1 - paint, composite 26 half hours
The Mole Sisters - paint, composite 13 half hours
Toad Patrol, Season 2 - paint, composite 13 half hours
RoboRoach, Season 1 - paint, composite 5 half hours
For Better Or For Worse, Seasons 1,2 - paint composite 16 half hours
Eckhart - composite 13 half hours
Le Nez de Fer - composite selected 5 x 5:30
Speed's Choice - paint, composite 1/2 hour special
Children of Chelm - paint, composite 1/2 hour pilot
Katie & Orbie - composite selected episodes

Animation Production

2D Computer Animation

Television Series