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   SoftEdge Limited
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SoftEdge Limited
Building #2 (5th floor) Road
Number 11 Dhanmondi
Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh

[P] +880
[F] +880
[E] javed@softedgeltd.com

Javed Mahmood
Managing Director

None Specified

The history of 3D cartoon making in Bangladesh goes back to 1992-93, The technical and managing director of SoftEdge limited started making 3D cartoon named "Robotder grohay ekdin" thou it was a one man show but it was the first 3D cartoon in the history of Indian sub-continent. After that SoftEdge has come a long way (if you count it by the rapid development of computer hardware and software) we have got a history of 10 years of 3D-product and character animation. And to add up more in this ten years period SoftEdge has developed a bunch of skilled character animator, Graphic designer, Modeler etc; now we are proud to say:- "all about 3D animation in Bangladesh is all about SoftEdge limited". But we never kept our knowledge to ourselves cause we know it's a minus point for developing a local market and abroad. So we have setup an nontraditional school - Unlike others we don't just give the basic idea of animation but we engage our students with an ongoing project to learn from the Guru; and we also develop some plug-ins for rapid production and some of the plug-ins we give free to genius students

High End PC 26
Matrox Non-liner editing Hardware 1
Betacam SP VCR 2
3D scanner
and many other software and hardware for design and development

"The Adventure of Montu Miah" 49 episode's of 3D cartoon serial.Ekuhsay TV
"Wild World" 5 episode's of 3D cartoon production (mini series) for BTV
"Shrimp the star" One hour duration of 3D cartoon for BTV
"Flat Eric 3D" a 3D serial for Celluloid (UK)
"The Hidden dinosour" for Loophole saga ( A Swiss production company)
Cilents offshore.
Geneva tourism board
Ultraco SA
Dildar.com SARL
Broliet SARL
Piecat & cie
Buongiorno vitaminic
Techknot Inc.
Nestlay SARL
Celluloid LTD

3D Virtual reality for real estate., Animation Production, Graphic Design

3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters