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58-64 Waratah St
58-64 Waratah St
Katoomba, NSW Australia

[P] +61
[F] +61
[E] poppy@hivestudios.com

Matt Drummond
VFX Director
[E] matt@hivestudios.com

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Hive Studios International is an Emmy® Nominated high-end animation and visual FX facility specialising in Creature FX for documentary and film.

With production facilities located in Sydney, Australia and Vanuatu, South Pacific. Hive has evolved into a business that employs sustainable systems and award winning business practices. Hive focuses on creativity and combines a system of complex technologies into a simple streamlined environment. The result is a creative and efficient production process that yields high quality, high volume creature animation and visual fx that is renowned internationally.

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Prehistoric Predators 1 & 2
Death of the Mega Beasts
The First Apocalypse
Before it was America
Life After People
The Dinosaur Code
Dying Breed
Supernova Series
All for Kids
My Friend Mark
Microbe Wars

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Commercials, Feature Films, Television Series, Television Specials