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   Changeling Productions Australia
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Profile Last Updated: 09/28/2005  

Changeling Productions Australia
75 Fanny St.
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

[P] +61 417.64.93.39
[F] None Specified
[E] mike@changeling.com.au

Mike Chavez

None Specified

Changeling Productions is a boutique studio providing creative solutions for production companies, film producers, advertising agencies, games developers and content broadcasters. With facilities in Australia and the Pacific region, Changeling is able to take advantage of generous government incentives and favorable exchange rates, offering U.S. companies savings of up to 40% on production costs.

Our team of artists is multi-skilled in all facets of 3D animation, including character design, modeling, texturing, lighting, layout and compositing. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency from a relatively small but diverse talent pool.

High speed data transfer and video conferencing capabilities enable clients to be 'virtually present' during the entire production process. From concept through to final delivery, Changeling offers clients versatility and a depth of experience that ensures high quality, world-class digital imagery every time.

3D Studio Max
Motion Builder
2D Animation

Warner Brothers
Channel 9 (Australia)
Channel 4 (UK)
Johnson & Johnson

Animation Production

3D Computer Animation

Animated Characters, Commercials, Feature Films, Games, Television Series, Television Specials