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   9 Story Entertainment
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9 Story Entertainment
6 Pardee Ave
Suite 001
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M6K 3H5

[P] +1 416.530.9900
[F] +1 416.530.9935
[E] info@9story.com

Tia Menich
Production Manager

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The Company was launched in September 2001 to become a premier Canadian digital animation content producer, dedicated to delivering high quality content in an ever increasingly competitive market. Management's experience in a variety of animation production styles and formats and all areas relating to their production position the company to effectively compete in the international animation production industry,

9 Story is lead by Vince Commisso (CGA, MBA) and Steven Jarosz (BA Finance and Economics, CA) who bring over 25 years of combined specialized industry experience and leadership in corporate and production finance, operations management, and animation production. Rick Marshall (Director of over 200 animated television episodes) and Jamie Whitney (Gemini award winning Director) bring well honed creative skills and extensive experience to round out the team.

Our entrepreneurial style, creative, production, technological, financial skills combined with flexible production structures allows the company to provide quality, timely, scalable production models, customized for each shows particular creative and broadcast needs, on a cost effective basis.

9 Story is an ideal partner for those established TV production and distribution companies with quality projects seeking a low risk point of entry into animation production and European/American production companies seeking minority Canadian co-productions and co-ventures.

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Peep and the Big Wide World
Foolish Girl
Mischief City

Animation Production, Pre-Production Services

2D Computer Animation, Flash / Internet Animation

Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Interstitials / Logos / Bumpers, Television Series, Television Specials, Title Sequences