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   PostFX Co., Ltd.
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Profile Last Updated: 12/30/2004  

PostFX Co., Ltd.
1213/446 Town-in-Town Soi 19
Srivara Rd, Wangthonglang
Bangkok, Thailand

[P] +66
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[E] info@post-fx.com

Suroj Gulrajani
Managing Director
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Originally starting out as a Post Production Agency in 1998, we have recently added an animation department, where the team has over 15 years experience in traditional 2D cel-animation, and with our post-production expertise, we're now adding 3D character animation to our services.

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Our Director of Animation, Chai Saijul's credit include:
TV Show called "Tinytoon" and "GI Joe" of Hanna-Barbera as Inbetweener
TV Show called "Ninja-Turtle" of Hanna-Barbera as Clean up
Feature Film called Rover Dangerfield of Kroyer Film as Cleanup
Feature Film called "Ferngully" of Kroyer Film as Cleanup
TV Show Ottifantent (Trickcompany - Germany) as Animator
Feature Film called "Hugo I" of A. Film (Denmark) as Assistant Animator
Feature Film called "Quest for Camelot" of Warner Bros + A. Film as Assistant Animator
Feature Film called "Help! I'm a fish" of A. Film (Denmark) as Supervisor
Currently Director of Animation at PostFX and producing to local TV Shows.

Advertising Agencies, Animation Production, Post-Production Services, Reseller / VAR / VAD, Visual Effects Production

2D / Traditional, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Digital / Visual Effects, Motion Capture

Commercials, Feature Films, Television Series