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   Spacetoon Kids TV - Regional Office of Jordan
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Profile Last Updated: 03/31/2008  

Spacetoon Kids TV - Regional Office of Jordan
Wasfi Altal St.
Amman, Jordan

[P] +962
[F] +962
[E] info@spacetoonjordan.com

Hussam Hadi
Regional Manager
[P] +962
[E] hussam@spacetoonjordan.com

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Spacetoon Kids TV – Regional office of Jordan

Spacetoon Regional office – Jordan (SKT-RJ), considered as one of the most important children media office which develop educational and humanitarian campaigns with cooperation of non governmental organization such as UNICEF, Save the Children, UNESCO, etc that are directed to the Arab children.
We are relying on our long experience in (Children Media), which itself does rely on the total sum of the audience in whole Arab homeland. Also we provide the high leveled - artistic guidance which simulates what is being provided by the best international media networks to achieve the goal of reaching into children’s mentality and interacting with it using a style and a language that he/she does love and use away from the old ways of ordering, prohibiting and punishment which are useless in our modern time. Nowadays, children media depends on children imagination and stimulating it through a variety of artistic and creative forms that can use easiness in delivering the message in order to be accepted by the child.

Because of the huge number of children who are watching Spacetoon channel and reading the Spacetoon magazines and publishing, Spacetoon is the best messenger to deliver the educational message to children. we are absolutely ready to provide our artistic and media services which is specialized in executing your art-media campaign to be directed to children.

(SKT-JO) held many campaigns, such as the Iraqi children awareness against the dangers of the mines, this project was with the association of the ministry of planning and the supreme committee of mine affairs with (MAG) organization.

Also (SKT-JO) held big mine risk education campaign for Lebanese children with corporation of save the children Sweden, the campaign for reducing the effect of cluster bomb.

(SKT-JO) held many other hygienic educational campaigns for WHO, and UNICEF. And implementing workshops for child abuse with cooperation of Jordan River Foundation.
We believe that our children are in need for awareness, encouragement to get educated and to have self-confidence to confront the current situation that is around and to be aware of the right way to deal with them.

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